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COVID-19 Alert levels

Auckland is currently at Alert Level 3. The rest of NZ is at Alert Level 2.

At 6am on Sunday 7 March 2021, the following Alert Level changes will occur:

  • Auckland will move to Alert Level 2.
  • The rest of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 1.

You should check information and advice that is available on link)

See the COVID-19 website for an exact boundary of the Alert Level 3 area(external link) 

Relevant information about transport and travel settings at Alert Levels 2 and 3 are available on this website.

Any questions relating to transport should go to the Ministry of Transport at:

Transport and travel by alert level

Guidance on how alert levels 2 and 3 applies for different modes and services. This guidance will be updated as the response to COVID-19 evolves, and is intended to be read in conjunction with information about COVID-19 on link) 

Alert Level 3 FAQs

Auckland (and the surrounding areas which are included in the Alert Level 3 Area).

Can I travel to, from, or through Auckland while it is at Alert Level 3?
Please see the  Transport and Travel by alert section above for information on permitted travel. Additionally please see the COVID-19 webpage for advice for travelling between different regions of New Zealand

Alert Level 2 FAQs

Applicable to all of New Zealand, except Auckland (and the surrounding areas which are included in the Alert Level 3 Area)